Erasmus+ Industry4.0

Askim upper secondary school participates in an Erasmus + project, together with students from the Czech Republic and Austria. Each group consists of seven students plus teachers.

What is Erasmus+ : Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad.

Main goal of the project:

The general theme of the project is a modern education preparing the graduates of secondary vocational schools for involvement in the era of Industry 4.0. Expression of Industry 4.0, sometimes used only as a fashion marketing label, is also a functional and future successful concept of the complex technical work. The proposed project clearly and concisely defines the various specific areas in which the involved participants will practice and improve.

The project aims to develop such forms of preparation of technical secondary school students that reflect the needs of firms that operate directly Industry 4.0. Primarily, it concerns the details of below specified areas of Internet of Things and Internet of Services that lead to complex functioning of Smart Factory. To work properly the Smart Factory needs a range of components from which the proposed project focuses on the following areas:

1. Data Collection and Reporting - how useful information can be extracted from the immense amounts of data gathered during the manufacturing process and presented to key decision makers in the manufacturing companies. The used technologies will include OPC server, SQL server, reporting services, and web technologies.

2. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) - how computerized systems used in manufacturing can serve for tracking and documenting the transformation of raw materials to finished goods (machine to machine communication, product to machine communication, robotics). The used technologies will include PLC industrial computer which has been adapted for the control of manufacturing processes, such as assembly lines or robotic devices.

3. Manufacturing Operations Management - how reasonably selected methodology for viewing an efficient manufacturing process can lead to real-time information about jobs and orders, labor and materials, machine status etc. The used procedures will include samples of production management, performance analysis, and human machine interface.

4. Smart Products - how creation of products can be done by the help of the newest design- and construction tools. The used tools will be Inventor and AutoCAD.

5. Mechanical Design - how to design, test and produce smart products by using a rich collection of compatible 2D, 3D simulating and drawing tools.


From April 22 to April 28 in 2018, we visited Mendelova secondary school in Novy Jicin in the Czech Republic. The week included training, guided walks and socializing with students from the other countries.

See attached agenda if you like. Now in April we get visits from the Czech Republic and Austria.

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